25 October 2023

‘POSSIBILITIES OF LOVE’, Jeff Satur’s Phenomenon
of Bliss The ultimate possibility of love paths
that orbit each other

            Rejoice and gather for an event to create the ultimate exclusive experience by Jeff Satur, THE POSSIBILITIES MAKERS of King Power. Everything is possible when it comes to the many forms of love at the ‘POSSIBILITIES OF LOVE’ event, the pinnacle of what’s possible at King Power. For nearly two hours on the 74th floor of King Power Mahanakhon, this event brings Jeff and everyone as close as they can get. Aside from the fantastic show, King Power also holds various privileges for supporters. This features limited-edition event souvenirs such as the folding bag, GripTok, and key chain. Furthermore, special vouchers from Thai Taste Hub Cube, Mahanakhon SkyWalk, and FIRSTER by King Power are provided to enhance the overall event experience.

            Jeff immediately captivated the stage with his first presentation, ‘MEET Your Love,’ playing the piano solo through the enchanting melody of ‘Before You Forget the Dream’ (Lucid), leaving everyone in wonder with his charismatic performance. Lucky fans were then invited to play a word-guessing game, where Jeff had to guess the word based on their body language. This was followed by an uninterrupted display of Jeff’s incredible live songwriting skills. The audience cheered and rejoiced in a lively atmosphere filled with laughter and excitement. The emotions were heightened in the second show, ‘FEEL Your Love,’ with soulful singing and beautiful guitar melodies in the song ‘DumDum.’ The continual cheering and fun continued with a staring game before responding to fan letters to increase the intimacy even closer. The event was capped off by the legendary song ‘Forget What’s Already Forgotten.’

                   This love journey was not ending easily. Jeff took close-up pictures with each fan, and he also brought fans who wanted to capture impressive moments on the glass skywalk, enjoying a 360-degree view of Bangkok with Jeff at the King Power Mahanakhon SkyWalk on the 78th floor, one of the popular landmarks in the heart of Bangkok, and finally, he joined forces with a group of fans at the side of Mahanakhon Cube building.

            This event provides a wide and comprehensive range of experiences, including fun, excitement, and the opportunity to shop for a variety of popular brands all in one location. It truly captures the concept of ‘POSSIBILITIES OF LOVE’ – the possibility of every love phenomena that brings everyone together in real life.

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